Thank you for your interest! Link to the application can be found below.

Thanks to the support of the Innovation Fund, Grinnell College has established a pilot program for promising undergraduates with an interest in the digital liberal arts. Participation in the program is open to all undergraduates, though preference will be given to students who demonstrate a commitment to diversity and to diversifying the digital liberal arts.


  • Written applications due March 1
  • Recommendations due March 8
  • Interviews March 9
  • Accepted Fellows notified March 16

Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

1) Academic promise

2) Interest in pursuing digital liberal arts projects

3) Potential for serving as a collaborator for faculty, staff, and students

4) Demonstrated commitment to increasing opportunities for underrepresented minorities

5) Commitment to participating fully and enthusiastically in all aspects of Vivero, including attendance at bi-weekly meetings, summer bootcamp, academic conferences, and social events

Potential applications should be aware that the application consists of two essays, each with a 500 word maximum. For the first essay, students are asked to outline the reasons why they would like to be a Vivero Fellow, their academic background, and their interest in the digital liberal arts. For the second essay, students are tasked with preparing a personal statement explaining how their personal experiences, goals, and aspirations reflect a commitment to diversity.

In addition to these two essays, students are also to provide two letters of recommendation from Grinnell faculty. One of these letters must be from the student’s academic advisor.

Written applications are due March 1, 2018. Faculty recommendations must be received within one week after the application deadline.

Students who have successfully completed the application and recommendation letters will be invited to a brief interview on Friday, March 9, 2018.

Successful applicants will be notified by March 16, 2018.

Please do not hesitate to email with any questions that may arise: and/or

Complete application here: Vivero Application 2018-19

Complete faculty recommendation here: Vivero Faculty Recommendation 2018-19